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Simonyi Conference XIX - AI in the AWS Cloud


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Balázs Molnár
Cloud Architect - Snapsoft

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning (ML) is an extremely hot topic with significant interest from both business professionals and technologists. However, preparing data, building, training, deploying and operating ML models can be challenging without the right services and tools. Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the biggest public cloud provider, offers the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services and supports cloud infrastructure, putting machine learning in the hands of every developer, data scientist, and expert practitioner. In this presentation, I will provide a general overview of the most important AWS services that 'do the heavy lifting', and solve most of the problems businesses face in this domain.

Recording created by Budavári Schönherz Stúdió on behalf of Simonyi Károly Szakkollégium.

András Iván - Vision Mixer
Attila Gergő Ábri - Camera Operator
B. Dóra Molnár - Host
Balázs Bidló - Stage Manager
Balázs Csányi - Audio Engineer, Production Assistant
Balázs Molnár - Camera Operator
Balázs Pálya - Camera Operator
Benedek Kozma - Director
Bence Csik - Sound Mixer
Boldizsár Komlós - CCU Operator
Boldizsár Márta - Sound Mixer
Botond Lovász - Camera Operator
Carmen Péter - Stage Manager
Dániel Kiovics - Camera Operator, CCU Operator
Dániel Szabó - Camera Operator
Dávid Málnási - Graphics Operator
Dávid Nemes - Lighting Director
Dénes Vámos - Project Coordinator
Dominik Burgess - Graphics Operator, EVS, Animation, Project Coordinator
Domonkos Kóra - Audio Engineer, Production Assistant
Dóra Salamon - Host
Emese Kubik - Graphics Operator, CCU Operator
Gergely Füstös - Camera Operator
Kristóf Tóth - Camera Operator
Lea Mészáros - Camera Operator
Márk Barlangi - Director
Márton Sisák - Camera Operator
Mihály Pál Márkus - Camera Operator, CCU Operator
Olivér Kecskeméty - Director
Petra Czettisch - Production Assistant
Réka Gyenes - Production Assistant
Tímea Nagy - Production Assistant
Viktor Péter Sinkó - Camera Operator
Zalán Kálmán - Camera Operator
Zoárd Rumi - Vision Mixer



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