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☸ MANTRA For awakening of FEMALE power, brings Money, Charm & gives Protection
☸ Mantra of 3 GODDESSES
☸ Can be used by men also
☸ Powerful Mantras & Meditation Music Channel 2018 (PM)
☸ ॐ

● ▬▬ ॐ Three Goddesses mantra TEXT ॐ ▬▬●

All glory to
goddess Saraswati
goddess Laksmi
goddess Durga

NAMAHA: (Same as "namo") - To honor or solute. "All glory to..."

Three energy of the three goddesses will help you to be more
creative, charming (Saraswati), gives you luck in material way (Lakshmi) and will protect you from all bad things (Durga)

SARASWATI - energy of creation and beauty. Saraswati - (Sanskrit: सरस्वती, (literally - water-rich) is the Goddess of music and the arts, She is the embodiment of scholarship, secular knowledge and spiritual intelligence . Saraswati appears as a luminous woman of splendid beauty, riding upon a swan. Her effulgence symbolizes the light of knowledge that is destroys the darkness of ignorance. she gives birth to wisdom, increases the ability to concentrate and improves memory. and leads to enlightenment.
The goddess Saraswati manifests her energy through all the flowers that have a very strong and pleasant aroma. For example, flowers of lilac, jasmine, bird cherry, magnolia, apple. Among the minerals with Saraswati energy are associated amethyst, heliotrope, olivine, mother of pearl, charoite, chrysolite and white jade. Of metals - silver. The goddess Saraswati is connected with water (Saraswati is the name of one of the three main rivers in India), therefore the mantras dedicated to it are purifying.
If Saraswati gives someone his favor or becomes his guardian angel, then this person acquires an unusual charm. He begins to skillfully own a literary syllable, logically and correctly express his own thoughts. In addition to developed intelligence and oratory abilities, he acquires a feeling of absolute taste. For example, the ability to elegantly and beautifully dress.

LAKSHMI - energy of fortune, wealth and and fulfillment of all desires. Goddess Lakshmi, also known as Shri, is one of the most popular and widely worshiped Goddesses in Hindu tradition since pre-Buddhist period. The earliest legend states that Sri is born as a result of austerities of Prajapati, and she represents ten qualities and objects, namely, food, royal power, universal sovereignty, knowledge, power, holy luster, kingdom, fortune, bounteousness, and beauty. Lakshmi is personified not only as the goddess of fortune, wealth and and fulfillment of all desires, but also as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She is worshipped as a goddess who grants both material prosperity as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death. Associated with the lotus, because in the myths of her birth she appears with a lotus in her hands or sitting on a lotus. Lakshmi is considered the wife of Vishnu.

DURGA is the energy of protection and patronage.
Durga (Sanskrit "invincible") is a goddess with 10 or more hands holding a trident, a disk and other means of defense and protection in them. She sits on the Himalayan tiger and her favorite colors are blue and black. There is a myth that a woman is always meek and defenseless, but it is not. Defending himself or the child, the energy of Durga wakes up in the woman. The most radiant goddess, she represents the power of knowledge, awareness, transcendental wisdom, the destroyer of the world of illusion, the wife of Lord Siva, also known as the "unattainable." With a lotus flower and a meditative smile, her hands make a mudra of blessing, a goddess who moves forward and eliminates fear of all her devotees. She represents the Divine Feminine Force, Shakti, in a state of rest, union with the Universe in compassion. Durga, which eliminates suffering. The energy of justice and protection is needed in all cases when negative energies are trying to influence a woman. For example, if you need to say no. The energy of Durga comes in handy if it is important to restore justice and defend one's self-esteem.
The ability to stand up for oneself is also the quality of spiritual and personal development, which allows a woman to cease to be just a pleasant picture and a man's pleasure.

● ▬▬ ☸ How & When do I listen to? ☸ ▬▬▬●
RECITE OR JUST LISTEN? No matter whether you listen to the mantra or recite it, but the effect will be larger if while listening you will mentally repeat the mantra text.

The NUMBER of REPEATS: There is a certain number of times one needs to repeat the mantra, and this number must be a multiple of 9 or to be 108. And listen 108 times will be most effective.

TIME: the Best effect mantras have in the morning and evening, especially before bedtime. If you are not at home, be sure to use headphones to avoid distracting external sounds.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Try to be calm and relax your body while listening so the energy of the sound will have the maximum effect.



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