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सिर्फ लड़कियां ही देखें ये वीडियो ,ज़िन्दगी बदल जाएगी top 10 Self defence gadgets

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top 10 self defence gadgets


Self-Defense Gadgets that will protect you all the time (Adventure)

In view of the increasing crime rate, in today's time, self-defense has become as important as other things because friends, we all know that whether it is a boy or a girl, it happens to everyone at some time or the other. It is, that no one has it and if it is difficult then who will save them, that is why friends self defense has become very important in today's time, but we also believe that everyone Like Bruce Lee could not fighting. And you don't even have to fight in today's advanced time, because there have been so many self-defense gadgets that have been able to get you out of all kinds of difficulties, so friends today I mean your host and friend Sam, Today I am going to tell you about some such self-defense gadgets whose goodies will remind you of our grandmother, so friends start our unique and present day Video But before starting the video, there is a request from you that if you like this video of ours even a little bit, then do not skimp in liking it.

Yellow Jacket: Friends, in today's time you will get a lot of varieties of iPhone cover, but this iPhone case named Friends Yellow Jacket is very unique, because this cover not only protects your iPhone but also with it -With it also protects you, yes friends, this unique iPhone cover is a self-defense gadget, friends, the developers who created this gadget have said that whenever you feel it If someone is going to attack you, then you push this button on the front of this iPhone cover, so that this iPhone cover will work like a stun gun, friends if you do not know what a stun gun is. The So let us tell you that the thing that touches the interest of electricity is called a stun gun, and along with other self-defense friends, there is another feature in this gadget, which you must buy after listening to this gadget. Would like, because this gadget also gives your phone 20 hours of extra battery life, friends, what do you think about this great iPhone cover, do not forget to tell us in the comment box, because we If it looks absolutely amazing, friends, you will get this unique gadget between $ 79 to $ 99 from this gadget's website,

Insta Fire: - Friends paper spray has become a common thing nowadays, and everyone has started using it for their safety, but the Guard Dog Security company has developed paper spray in its own way, friends, this device is runners and active Designed for people living life styles, this gadget is only 9 centimeters, so you can easily carry it with a special glove in your hands, friends. To activate this, all you have to do is press the button above it, friends, let us tell you that there is 18 percent high quality paper spray inside this device, and with this spray you stand at a distance of 3 to 4 meters. You can target the person, friends, you will find this device in black blue and prink color at a very reasonable price, yes friends, the price of this device is only 20 to 25 dollars,

Zore X: - Friends, we all know that carrying a loaded gun to some unsafe place ruins many lives, and during a research it has been found that more than 100 children in the US This type of loaded gun has come in danger, and seeing this, the Zore company has developed an advance gun, which you have to enter a special pin code before you start, in fact friends this gun is a sp. The phone connects to the application, and if you have to start the gun, you have to start the gun by entering the code, along with that application you can trace the location of the gun, and if someone else Even if you want to use the gun, you will know through that application, but friends, this question will also be arising in your mind, if there ever comes such a situation that you do not have time to enter the PIN code. What will happen then, friends, do not worry because the developers have also found a solution for this, this special gun also has such features that when you are in an emergency situation, then this gun can be accessed only in your application without pin code, fingerprint Through this, friends, to buy this advance gun, you will have to go to the manufacturers website of this gun and buy this gun, which costs 1 thousand dollars.

Taser Pulse +: - Friends, a US-based action company has created this unique stun gun, although this company used to make such guns for the police there, but now this company has also made self defense for civilians. Made this gun, friends, this stun gun not only protects you, but it has many features that can prove to be effective in protecting you from all kinds of difficulty, such as this advanced stage. You can connect a ton gun to your mobile phone, so that whenever you run this gun in difficult times, then your location will reach the security service, and help will start coming to you, with this gun you can use 3 You can easil



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